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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school! 


We are a warm and welcoming staff, please feel free to contact us at the class doors or via the email address if we can be of any help.


Our designated safeguarding staff are: Ms Ewen, Mrs Courtney, Miss Barnes and Mrs Bradshaw (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads) and Mrs Lindley (Designated Safeguarding Lead). Mrs Courtney is also our SENDCO if you need to speak to someone about support for your child's additional needs. Mrs Ellis is our EYFS lead and Ms Ewen is our Senior teacher so they are your next port of call if the class teacher is unable to help you.




Mrs A. Lindley – Interim Headteacher/DSL

Miss A Barnes - Interim Deputy Headteacher/ DDSL

Mrs J Bradshaw - Interim Assistant Headteacher /DDSL

Ms F. Ewen - Senior Teacher/DDSL


KS1 Teachers


Mrs D. Hunt - Y1 Birch Class

Ms F. Ewen - Y1 Birch Class - Senior Teacher

Miss E. Battams - Y1/2 Cherry Class

Mrs L. Courtney - Y2 Hazel Class/SENCO/DDSL

Mrs J. Sweetnam – Y2 Hazel Class


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs A. Ezennia

Mrs J. Gallagher

Mr C. Graham
Mrs K. Simpson

Mrs M. Stapleton
Mrs S. Woodham

Mrs C. Allen

Mrs M. Kapitkowska

Mrs J. Iacov



Early Years Foundation Stage



Mrs L Ellis - Reception - Maple Class - EYFS Lead

Mrs L. Oakley - Reception - Chestnut Class

Ms O. Mansfield - Nursery - Willow Class


Early Years Practitioners

Mrs C. Allen

Mrs B. Welfare


Learning Support  Assistants

Mrs D. Chard

Mrs S. Denver

Mrs J. Ross



Other Staff


Office Staff

Mrs P. Graham – Office Manager

Mr C. Graham – Administrator



Mrs T. Blackshaw

Mrs J. Iacov

Miss S. Dealey



Mr G. Hart - Caretaker