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School Meals and Milk

School Meals


Once the children have started school they may have a school meal, bring a packed lunch or go home for dinner. Our dining room operates a self-service model with children being able to choose the meal they want to eat.


School meals are cooked on the premises by Hertfordshire Catering contractors and there is always a good choice, including vegetarian options. The dietary needs of children are considered when deciding the week's menu. We feel the lunches are wholesome and appetizing. A drink is always provided.


At Chaulden we have a lunch-time rota system.




Milk charges are subsidised by the European Community. Children in the nursery are entitled to free school milk but there is a small charge for children in the infants' school. If a family is receiving support from the Benefits Agency then the child may be entitled to free milk. Further information is available from the

school office.


No refund can be given for absences. Water is always available for the children to drink.




No snacks are permitted at mid-morning break but as participants in the free Fruit and Vegetables for School scheme all pupils are entitled to whichever fruit or vegetable is on offer that day.