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Key Stage One

Birch Class (January '23)

In Maths we have been exploring 3D shapes, learning about which ones roll and which ones stack. We sorted out pictures of real life objects and matched them with the correct name. We were also exploring all around us to find things we use everyday and name what shape they are. 

In English we have been looking at the Author Beatrix Potter and have been learning about her as an author and the tales that she had written. 

In RE we have been learning about the groups that we belong to, we found out that we belong to a lot of amazing groups such as our families, sports clubs, table groups, class groups, friendship groups and Chaulden school. 

Cherry Class (January '23)

In Cherry class this week, we started our new topic of classic tales, focusing on Beatrix Potter. We learnt a lot about Potter’s life and how her love for animals grew as she did. We then read the Tale of the Two Bad Mice, who got up to lots of mischief in a doll's house!

In Maths, we have been exploring 3D shapes. We used objects from around our classroom to help us identify common 3D shapes such as cylinders, cubes and spheres. We also compared these shapes and started to describe their properties. 

A very big thank you to Cherry class as well, for making Miss Battams feel so welcome at Chaulden Infants'. 

Hazel Class (January '23)

In Art we have started our Topic Rain and Sunrays by looking at weather motifs and then have enjoyed making them from natural materials, for example rainbows, clouds, sun and rain, and snowflakes. In Maths we are measuring with cm rulers and in English we have been reading Beatrix Potter stories. For P.E. we had fun in our new Ball Skills topic, trying to shoot goals and aim at a target.

Hazel Class (December '22)

In Hazel class we have been getting creative - sewing and making seasonal craft. For P.E. sessions we have been focussing on teamwork. We have been learning about the Nativity story, through acting and writing. We also had fun making tracks for the programmable 'Beebots' to travel around.

Year 1 - Birch (November '22)

In Birch class we have been looking at 'teen numbers, we have worked hard putting them in order and counting on from 10. We have also been working on writing our numerals correctly. 

We enjoyed the panto Jack and the Beanstalk, our English lessons have been all about Jack and the Beanstalk in lots of different variations. We have been looking at characters, feelings, and different settings.

Year 1/2 Cherry (November '22)

In Cherry class we have been very busy..... most of us showed off our dance moves at the Spooky Disco, we have been using our observational skills to start our portrait work - we looked at some famous portraits and then had a go at creating our own, we have been investigating numbers to 20 and comparing them. We also really enjoyed the "Jack and the Beanstalk" pantomime this week - after it we wrote about it, made our own beanstalk, had a competition to see who could make the longest beanstalk and made story maps of the story.  We also listened to many variations of the story - did you know that in one the giant got catapulted to outer space and in another one the beanstalk created magic jelly beans!!

Year 2 - Hazel (November '22)

In Science we having been testing different materials to see which would make the best colourful bunting to have outdoors. In Art we have been looking at famous artist's self-portraits and drawing our own, plus making funny face collages. Maths has been about multiplication -we have been working on multiplying in 5's. For our English we enjoyed watching the 'Jack and the Beanstalk' show on Tuesday this week and have been reading some other versions of the story in class.

Year 1 - Birch (October '22)

In Literacy we have been finding verbs from The swallow's journey and using these with actions. The children used their best handwriting to write some of the words we found. 

In History we have looked at Black history month and have understood more about Rosa Parks and her story. We have been drawing her and acting out the scenario that happened to her on the bus. The children worked really hard to stay in their roles. We talked a lot about how Rosa was feeling and how proud we were of her actions. 

In Maths we have been working hard to understand part, part whole models and using these to support our addition and subtraction. 

Year 1/2 Cherry (October '22)

In Cherry we have been busy improving our fine motor skills by using play dough to make words we have been learning in phonics. We have been using our phonics books to enhance our phonics learning. As it is Black History Month we have been learning about famous people - ask us about Michelle Obama!! We have also spent time thinking about our emotions and feelings and linking them to colours. It has been enlightening!!

Year 2 - Hazel (October '22)

In Science we have been sorting materials by placing them in Venn diagrams. We have worked on rolls, jumps and balances in P.E.. In History - Childhood :  we have shared photos of special events. Shade and Shelter is our new DT topic and we had great fun building shelters.

Year 1 - Birch (30.9.22)

 Have been Computing wizards! They have learnt a big, new word 'algorithm' - a process or set of rules/instructions to be followed. The children have been busy creating their own algorithms to get their friends to draw a crazy character.

Year 1/2 Cherry (30.9.22)

Have had an exciting time this week developing their geographical knowledge. They have been busy creating maps and discussing different geographical features they could see.

Year 2 - Hazel (30.9.22)

In PE we have been exploring the apparatus, balancing and jumping. Our Materials topic in Science has been all about sorting and grouping materials. We are continuing to use primary and secondary colours in our Artwork. For History we sorted our own photos on a timeline and had fun talking about them! In English our sentences are getting interesting as we are using linking words like: because and when, while for Maths we have been thinking about place value, number bonds and number patterns.

Year 1 - Birch (September 2022)

We have been busy in Birch! We have started our learning about “Everyday Materials” and have been searching out objects made from fabric, plastic, metal and wood.  We have also been working on our teamwork skills and working in groups to sort objects into the materials they are made from.  We have also been showing off our mathematical knowledge and using vocabulary like “more than, less than and equal to”. 

Year 1/2 Cherry (September 2022)

In Cherry we have been super busy—getting to all about your new friends in our class AS WELL AS exploring colour mixing and sorting and discussing everyday materials.  We have been to the library, done homework and been reading our fantastic new books.

Year 2 - Hazel (September 2022)

We have started our topic about Childhood which is a History based topic. The children have looked at photographs of Victorian artefacts and learned about and written about how the objects/toys /clothes were used. In Science we have started to think about Materials - wood, glass, plastic, stone, fabric and metal - and items which have been made from these, pointing at examples in the classroom. We have also begun our Harvest topic in R.E. and as an initial activity the children had lots of fun making fruit kebabs in the colours of the rainbow, to help them think about the 'fruits of the earth'. In Art we are beginning to think about primary and secondary colours, sharing a lovely book- 'Mix It!'