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Health and Safety

  • For safety reasons the front doors to the school are not used by children to come into the building as that requires walking through the car park. Regulations insist that children enter the school grounds via a path away from traffic. There is, therefore, a path at the side of the school and to the rear of the school field at the shops. The school has an entry security system.


  • School crossing patrol is on duty at Long Chaulden from 8.30 am until school opens and 3.00 pm until 3.45 pm.


  • Dogs are not permitted in the school grounds.


  • In view of the limited parking space at the school, parking in the school grounds is for staff, taxis and deliveries only. Parents are asked to park safely in School Row or preferably in other roads surrounding the school. Children should not arrive for school before 8.45 a.m.


  • As part of our constant vigil for the safety of children and in response to incidents around the country, the governors and staff decided that doors of each classroom are to be locked at 9.00 am. This is done to stop entry to the school by strangers. After this time, entry is by the main entrance only.


  • The school has a policy for the use of the outdoor climbing apparatus to protect the health and safety of the children. This policy is displayed in classrooms. Parents are asked that ALL their children do not climb on any equipment before or after school. They are NOT covered by our school insurance during this time and when not supervised by school staff.


  • For safety reasons we ask that children should always to be accompanied to and from school by an adult, not a junior-aged brother or sister.


  • Adults must remain with the children in the morning until the children are safely received into class.




In common with every other LA in the country, our insurance cover does not include Personal Accident Insurance for children.


You may therefore wish to make arrangements for this through your own insurance or by a separate policy available from Hertfordshire CC (details are available from the school office).