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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!




Jackie Hood – Headteacher

Liz Bolton – Assistant Deputy Headteacher



Liz Bolton – Hazel Class

Laura Courtney  – Hazel Class

Theresa Kelly – Birch Class

Marilyn Allen – Cherry Class

Jane Wilson – Oak Class Speech & Language

Feeza Ashan – Cherry Class & PPA cover


Learning Support Assistants

Kay Smith

Charles Graham
June Leddra
Sandra Oakley
Michelle Stapleton
Dawn Shute
Simone Woodham
Julie Gallagher
Julie Iacov


Early Years Foundation Stage



Lyndsey Ellis – Willow Class
Anna Walkington – Maple Class

Tejal Chohan – Chestnut Class


Early Years Practitioners

Suzanne Scully

Becky Welfare


Learning Support  Assistants

Donna Chard
Sarah Coldwell

Sharon Denver


Other Staff


Office Staff

Philippa Graham – School Secretary
Julie James – Office Administrator
Charles Graham – Administrator


Cleaner in Charge

Don Belcher



Tracey Bowlzer